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What car would the ponies be?

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If the Mane Six where associated with a type of car related to their personalities what would it be?


Twilight - Smart/Reliable 

AppleJack - American (i.e. Ford, Chevy, Dodge)

Pinkie Pie - Transformer

Fluttershy - Hybrid or bicycle (i.e. Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Huffy)

Rarity - Luxury (i.e. Rolls Royce)

Rainbow Dash - FAST!!!! (i.e. Indy Car)

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Twilight- A 'Smart' car


Rarity- Rolls Royce: it's big, over the top and bling and that's soo Rarity


AJ- A Chevvy Camaro: it's fast, it's cool and it goes with how she talks being super American muscle car and not looking out of place in the Southern states where people like AJ talk


Pinkie- AMC Pacer, it's funny looking and it's got a certain cute and cool madness about it's looks 


Fluttershy- Toyota Prius (it's apparently kind to the enviroment and she's a wuss and wusses drive Priusis)


Rainbow Dash- I'd say the original Mini (1959-2003), it's lots of things it can do in a small package, it's agile and handles like it's on rails, it's cool, it's fun, well liked, classic, can go fast if you stick a fast engine in it, it's unique

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probably a 'smart car'. therefore i am thinking something like the google self driving car. the smartest car in the world right now.



to me it's a tie between something rolls royse or a bentley continental.



a 1960 ford F150. mature, reliable and dang is it beautifull :wub:



i'm thinking a icecream truck... don't judge me.



bugatti veyron SS. fast, very reliable and a real sweetheart once you get to know her better.



chevrolet volt. eco friendly but badass when it needs to be.

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