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You are, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies...


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The rules are simple, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies on Earth / Equestria universe, what do you do?


There's no particular rules, simply respect the forum rules ( :derp: ), but I still have some idea :


1 - You can add, if you want, the cause of the said humans / ponies doom for the user below you.


2 - You can include one or two ponies / members above. (which make the title wrong, but anyway...)


3 - RP-ish acting would be cool, but just a little.


4 - You can choose if you want that the survivor below you act as a pony (OC or Avatar) or an human.


Have fun in my first game. ^_^



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Pal.. now that we are alone... i want to be alone.... can i test your body with this last nuclear device?


*shows him a small nuke*


Don't run... you can't hide in this world now.. nothing remains but ruins... and my thirsth of radiocativity

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why not? i love himming devices! *shows an overcharged capacitor* see? and why are you here? Weren't i supposed to be the last pony of the planet? Well let's solve this thing *ready up a Gauss cannon*

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Aww... Now how am I supposed to entertain myself?... I suppose I could just fly through the forests some more or go exploring...


Oh hey, this guy looks like he could be fun to haunt for a bit! ;)

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