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Requesting Help in Editing/Naming my First OC


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Hello, everypony!


I have been having trouble with naming my first original character, so I thought that I would make my first post on the forums asking for some help in coming up with a name for him (and to receive any and all advice on some ways that I might be able to improve him without making him completely ridiculous.)


A Brief Description:



He is a male earth pony with a midnight blue coat and black mane, which itself has a blue patch that is a slightly brighter shade of blue. He often keeps his mane as neat and orderly as possible, though his curly head mane is often difficult to keep neat, often leaving him looking like he has a permanent case of bedhead. His eyes are a distinctive shade of green. He is slightly taller than most earth ponies, but also appears to be slimmer than most as well. His cutie mark (not shown because I haven't decided on one yet and also because I cannot draw whatsoever) would be something related to astronomy (I was thinking of either a galaxy or a comet).



He grew up in Canterlot as an only child to a mother who was a renowned astronomer. While his home life was good (albeit a bit lonely, since it was only himself and his mother who were living together), his life at school and among others was difficult before he had gone to college, since he had not only taken up an interest in a practice that many considered to be exclusive to ponies that had inherent magical talent (alchemy and potion making), but he hadn't received his cutie mark despite his obvious love for alchemy. As a result, he had been ridiculed in school and often bullied by other ponies, and had often found an escape by reading books and studying various subjects. At some point in time, he had been reading books in his mother's observatory and something "clicked" with him, almost as if he had understood the subjects spoken of in his mother's books on astronomy all along. He had also tinkered around with his mother's astronomy instruments (which did get him into trouble on more occasions than one, but his mother often turned a blind eye as he grew up), observing the stars, and interstellar bodies and phenomena for hours on end. It was then the he had formed his cutie mark. When it came time for him to head off to college for a degree in alchemy (though he still retained a very strong interest in astronomy), his mother had fallen gravely ill and had requested him to continue her research for her while still going to college and doing what he had loved. His mother had died shortly afterward. After four years of study and receiving a degree in alchemy, he had moved over to Ponyville. There, he has bought a house and has continued his mother's astronomical research while holding a job in making healing potions for the local hospital, as well as volunteering to help cure the sick.


Personality and Mannerisms

His upbringing in life has had a polarizing effect on his personality. Because of the ridicule he had faced when he was younger (and even still while he was going through college), he is very introverted and finds it difficult to go out into public and speak openly. Despite his introversion, he is very loyal to what few friends he has. He is also very inquisitive and often has a childlike curiosity when it comes to learning about new subjects. He is very quiet (sometimes to the point where he does not speak at all when in the middle of a conversation), very patient and reserved. He is very humble and does not take well of people he considers to be "arrogant" unless they can prove that they are worthy of making boastful claims.  He often mutters to himself when he is trying to solve a problem, a mannerism that has often gotten him some strange looks. He tends to like things to be very neat and orderly, but has been known to let things reach a point of disarray (for example, his "observatory," which is actually his attic at the moment, is cluttered from floor to ceiling with papers pertaining to his astronomical studies.) 


Image of OC:



That's a rough draft of my OC's information (though it is still subject to change), but all I am lacking at the moment is a good name (as well as an idea and drawing of his cutie mark). If anypony has any ideas on a name for him, any ideas on his cutie mark, or just wants to provide any advice on improving him, I would greatly appreciate that!


Thank you and have a good day!


- ChampionWhatever

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Both name ideas are great! I like Blue Matter, but I don't know if that would quite work since it doesn't quite tie into the alchemy/astronomy interests that he has. Still, I think that's a cool name  :) .

Edit: Thunder-Dash, I also like the idea for the cutie mark, as well.

Just throwing out an idea for a name I had last night.


How about Blue Shift? It ties into the astronomy theme of my character.

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 If you want my opinion, then I think that Blue Shift is a very good name. I wish I'd thought of it, very clever. Bravo my good sir, bravo.


Thank you :). It was a tie between that and something involving Polaris. I think that Blue Shift wins and is a better name (if not, then at least a good starting name).


I don't mean to spam this forum, but does anyone know of any resources or tutorials that can show someone how to draw a stallion? Yeah, the pony creator is nice, but I feel as though that my character would have much more personality if I drew him myself. As a side note, however, I don't have any artistic skills whatsoever, so if the tutorial is designed for a complete novice at drawing, that would be even better,


Thanks to anyone who can point me to some resources or tutorials!

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