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Blah-ish Rainbow Dash


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Not much to say. Need to work on the wings, but I pretty much drew them in a hurry so whatevz. Plus other stuff such as the legs and muzzle, be sure to work on those sometime this weekend. Made this for my brother since Rainbow Dash is his favorite. /)^3^(\


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I like it!

But I don't think the wings match the style of this one, they're a little too detailed.

But all the rest seems to be all in ship shape nice job.

yeah, I was messing around on styles for the wings to see how they'd match up. I like the show's style of wings, but I'd rather do a different wing style for my own drawings. I suppose it'll just be trial and error till I find the right one. :P

Wings a bit big and too detailed and her top part of her mane has 3 colors while her tail has more colors  and it seems good other then that

:huh: I guess the colors in here mane don't show that well in the picture, but I assure you there's 6 colors on her mane and tail. :P

Or at least I hope, cause if not well then I have no clue what you're talking about. But yeah, Still figuring out wing design xD

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