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hey........um......i'm new here and my name's Fluttershy


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Hi....my name is fluttershy and i'm a young female pegasus pony. I'm new to forums and stuff like that and i would like to know more about them. I think they're very interesting and entertaining. And i would like to make some new friends too ;) .  Well........um.....i think that's all.....would you leave a comment below please. If that's okay of course 

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There are so many Fluttershy's here I cant tell which Fluttershy is the real one?   :blush:

lol jk 


Fluttershy is best mane six pony by the way. :yay:


Anyway, welcome to the forums @Fluttershy446 its nice to meet you. 

I hope you enjoy your time spent here.   ;)

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Welcome to the forums Fluttershy.  :D

You will probably fit in well here among our army of fluttershy fans. (She could conquer Equestria with that fan army)

Have fun and see you around little pegasus. /)

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