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Visual Art Any tips for drawing Dragons?


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I am learning on drawing ponies and Disney stuff

But after watching the hobbit, I really want to know how to draw dragons

This may not have a lot of replies since it isn't a pony drawing, but I do hope I get some replies.

I drew this dragon

I have two books on how to draw dragons but I lost them, but I practiced from them for a long time


like I said

I lost them :(

And I was like 9 or something

Any tips on drawing dragons?



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Ferocious and Scaley :P except it doesn't look scary or anything

Scaling isn't that hard. You can look into that. But for ferocity, don't make his smile straight. Give it a little bit of a wavy touch and have some teeth show from under the lip.

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Make the snout resemble a beak around the nostrils, focus a lot on eyebrow muscles to get good expression. You know, that look that screams dragon. Other than that, consider the shape of your dragon by picturing where bones stick out more to create its figure. Lips should resemble a dogs somewhat in the way that there is more skin where the fangs are.

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I say use dinosaurs as a guide to draw dragons. The lower jaw bone should be more noticeable. The end of the jaw bone that is. The wings are like bat wings, there are differences, but very close.


This is one of my drawings, it's more of a wyvern, but close to a dragon. Mind the head and neck, my bloody phone acted up. Sorry if it's dirty or anything, still working on it.

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