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Hello, Brony Fandom!


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Hello, Ive been a brony for quite a while now, I just haven't came onto the forums or anything...


I hope I find a nice place in the fandom, but who knows!

Hey, dude!! :D


Youngest Brony? How old are you? :D


Anyway, dude, you should say a little more about yourself.


Like, who's your favorite pony, what you're into, like, outside of the fandom, that sorta thing :D Don't be afraid, dude!! The people here (usually) won't bite!! :lol: 



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Everyone knows! A new member I see...same as me. Welcome to the forums! You have found a nice place,and everyone welcomes you,so don't worry 'bout it! I've made friends,and you will too,so we will see you on the forums!

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Hello there, TheYoungestBrony! Welcome to the forums! :)


Youngest you say, eh? :wacko:


Well you can be sure to find new acquaintances or friends here in the mlpforums, since this is one of the friendliest places on the internet! :squee:


Hopefully you'll like it here and have a good day now! Peace out! ;)

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My favourite pony, has to be Rainbow Dash, and i know its cliche....


And for how young I am? Im actually only 11 years old.

i think you have to be 13 and over to join mlpforums

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Wait wait wait wait wait... " anyone under 13 is not allowed to join the forums " Well, guess im outta here...

Dont be rushing out of here so fast buddy, just because your a little younger does mean you have to leave, but you might want to be a little extra careful.  ;)

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