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Questions about Canterlot


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What's the canon?


Are all ponies who live in Canterlot rich or can there be some middle-class or even lower-class ponies there?


What is the social status of Twilight's family?


For a fanfic I'm working on, I think it would be more interesting for my OC to be a Canterlot unicorn who came from a middle class family but used his talents to become incredibly rich.


Unless someone suggests otherwise, I'd probably give Twilight a similar social standing to my OC : her parents not being particularly rich but Twilight and Shining Armor both gained great admiration from Celestia due to their talents.


The region, North Canterlot would be economically diverse.


Just wanted to make sure that sort of social status is canon.

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We rarely see anyone but the aristocrat ponies, but there are a few instances of lower class ponies living in the city - the bellhop in the palace, the gardener, and Hayseed for example.


Twilight's family seems to be middle class. They live in a relatively average looking home, but they can afford to send Twilight to a special school for gifted unicorns, so they must have at least some money. There isn't much shown of them besides that.

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The way I see it, with the social stability in the social classes in Canterlot there would have to be a middle class and lower class in a rich area of Equestria where the rich are able to have power over the poor. The social status for Twilight's family would to have started out as the middle class but, they were able to send Twilight to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. It holds the question of the balance between the three social classes.

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