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First OC. Any cutie mark ideas?


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Hi there.

After my first drawing attemps, I thought: Why not try to make an OC?^^

There are so many of them, but i tried to create something unique (I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one who thought of this, but at least i haven't found anything similar yet)...


So here it is:


Name: Feeloree



-) is blind.

-) Can sense emotions from living creatures around her.

-) Magic skill isn't impressive, though Feeloree specializes in the "Shared Sight" spell.

-) Lives in the forest.



-) Not very talkactive, but knows excatly what to say when it is needed.

-) The emotions in a city of ponies are quite overwhelming, this is why she rather chooses the company of animals.

-) Kind, caring

-) realistic

-) is usually a bit closed up to other ponies


Companion "Note":

-) female

-) Feeloree saved the young hummingbirds life when she was injured during a strong winter.

-) She named her "Note" after her beautiful singing voice.

-) Feeloree can use Note's eyes via the "Shared Sight" spell. The spell only works, if the target animal accepts it.

-) Communication also via the spell by "sending" pictures and emotions.

(is it right to call the bird "she" instead of "it"? hrml, my english...)


Cutie Mark:

-) HELP ME FIND ONE, please :squee: . It should somehow represent her ability to sense emotions. But I'm terribly lost on this one. There are so many cutie marks with hearts and stars already...





Soo what do you think? :)





ps: Since english isn't my first language, feel free to correct me, if you see obvious mistakes...

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since she can sense the minds of the creatures around her, i would go for maybe some things connected with eachother,

like, maybe some symbols connected by a string in a kind of glowish color to represent the mind connecting them.



but yeah that's just me XD

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Nope, but I haven't seen that around before, if you like it then use it :)


An example for you of what it may look like



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thx skylar :)
I drew the sign myself, because it would be difficult to reproduce the cutie mark with all those glowings in future pictures.

Here is the pic, how I had it in mind (and without the random background).


hmmm... shall I add something else?


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Well, looks like you found a cutie mark already, so, uh... yeah. Anywho, I'd just like to say that I really like the design of your OC, and I think the Cutie Mark fits well with her (it looks nice too.) 

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this might do :)


I found that I have to post the picture somewhere before it's added to "My Media" and I can use it in the sig. Is there a way to avoid that?




edit: @Horrors I might do that as well :)





with some notes. I liked the idea :squee:




edit3: fixed eyes + size...


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