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Howdy there!


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Oh wait... *wipes off hooves* sorry. busy playing in the snow. Hi, im BlackHeart. ive been a brony for about a year now, and i want to get to know all of you!

anyone there?



Are you hiding?



Anyway, i got to go. ill check this. feel free to friend me and stuff, cuz im pretty new.




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Welcome mate! :lol: ,

I hope you will enjoy the forums. At least I do. If you ever need any advice or just someone to talk to, feel free to pm me! ;)


Seeya posting around!

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Welcome to the rest of your life. You'll be happy here... with us. Forever and ever and ever.


Forget what you know of the outside world. "The Family" is all you will ever need.


... I can't remember where I stole that from.

Welcome to the forums, bro. I've been here for like a year, and I still enjoy them.

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  • 1 month later...

Wow, Kinda surprised that so many people responded to my post... I mean I really didn't expect it. Heck, I kinda forgot I did this.

Thank you for welcoming me with open hoofs. Brohoofs for ALL!


Well, lots of things have happened after this post, both good and bad. For one, I got an amazing mare in my life. I lost a dear family member. So many things have happened, I'm just so confused.


Also, Cheese Sandwich for the win!




I want that Cheesh Shamich!

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