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I tried


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I tried again with colouring... Well it didn't go do well....

Oh we'll the depth looks better than it did when it was black and white.



Hope you like it, please reply and tell me what you think. And please. Tell me how feckin colour! If you know how that is -_-

They're skydiving through the 4th wall.

Applebloom is in the front sweetie belle is in the middle and scootaloo is in the back.

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Why does everyone keep forgetting Scootaloo's wings? I know she can't fly but in the words of sweetiebelle "Oh, come on!" XD


besides that...


it is a very nice picture of the CMC and the colouring is alright. :)

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What? Did you just think I grabbed whichever colour I could find?


You said you didn't understand how to color (at least that's how I interpreted what you said), I suggested you simply use the correct colors. I am honestly confused as to how you would find using the right colors to be an issue, hence why I just said to use the correct colors, there was literally no other advice I could give there.

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This looks great dude


Question: What did you use to colour them? Looks like markers...?

Markers, prismacolor brand to be exact.

It looks good, but Sweetie's mane is a lighter pink and you also forgot Scootaloo's wings. :P Other than that, good job!

I didn't know how I could fit her wings in if her hoof is in the way.

And I don't have any brighter pinks sorry closest I have at the time -_-

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Markers, prismacolor brand to be exact.

Fantistic work considering you used markers. I'd recommend either colouring them digitally or with coloured pencils if you want the colours to be spot on.

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