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So I was in the mood of singing, and I was singing just bleh while cooking my bacon delicacies. But I just thought up something to sing about and this is what I came up with, and consider this pretty much musical theatre, since that's really the only thing I sing.


You never know whats behind our masks

Of course a face or scars you to expect

but what's really underneath you can never know.


What you don't realise, is that we are more

than just the petty thief or criminal 

We had lives, we had emotions, we used to have it all

Though some never did, and thats why they go take the world!


Emotions are useless, though sometimes we still feel

we feel the pain as our dreams a lost

we feel love like any other

Happiness, Anger, Hunger and the like

Are all still here!

We just don't let you see them at all


We feel each punch and scratch, cuts and wounds still bleed

but what's the point of being your enemy

if we show this to you?


We're not real in your eyes

we're just something that there, aren't we?

You fight us, you stop us, but have you ever stop to think?

That maybe we're more human than you could know


So maybe next when you stare

into the eyes of your foe

instead of seeing a monster

see a man just like you



I know that it doesn't rhyme or anything, but its like a villain's last stand or victory speech with tune, like you get in a musical or something. 

But I did just come up with that on the spot, and I also don't have a title for it either, so if anyone songs to give me one that would be cool. 

And I just recorded this for some reason.

Villain Song Lyrics- just something to get an idea.mp3

Though I wouldn't call it the ideal recording, I just recorded it to get an idea of said tune

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That's good! I could see it being in a show sort of like phantom of the opera or something similar. It's sort of an ode to the humanity of villains. 


As for a title, maybe "Behind our Masks" or "A Man Just Like You".

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