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Pegasus Golden Needle - Nidal


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Name: Golden Needle

Alias: Nidal

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus


Appearance: Green coat. Moss green mane. Vibrant green eyes.


Cutie Mark: A golden coin.


Personality: Greedy and noble, yet kind and understanding. She rejected the idea that money was all that mattered that her parents had. She wants many things, money included as a means to get them, and will rarely do something out of the good of her heart.


Backstory: Nidal was born into a rich family. Her parents were always thinking that money made them better, that they were better than the plebians, as they called them. She got tired of it at a rather young age of twelve and left home. During those twelve years, she was taught the value of money, which she applied to everything. She was also taught manners and courtesies, the only thing she thanks her parents for. When she fled, she didn't stay still. She traveled around, looking for something worthless that she genuinely valued. She wanted to prove to herself that value could be found in anything, even the most worthless of items. ((Whether she has yet or not might change between RPs.))

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