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Starting a Let's Play Blog...Anyone Interested?

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Hello, everyone,


I've recently been considering doing a Let's Play for a while (for quite a few years, actually), but I've never taken up the initiative to do so. Now that winter break is here and that I have some free time, I'd like to start a Let's Play blog (I wouldn't do an actual recorded series, since I don't have the equipment needed to record videos and my voice is...abominable :P).


Most of the games that I would play would be RPGs, but there might be room to do other types of games depending on various circumstances (i.e. if I can get some decent recording software.)


Would anyone be interested in this?

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The easiest RPGs for me to do for a LP blog would be the Final Fantasy series or the Dragon Quest series, although any game that is on an 8-bit or 16-bit console would be feasible for me to do for a blog because they are easy to screencap. (Really, any sprite-based RPG would work for what I'm planning.)

Although, provided that I do get some screen recording software, my selection of RPGs (and other game genres) would expand greatly across platforms.



@@Commander Fresh

I will be sure to keep you two posted if I need help with anything!

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I would tottally look into your let's play.

If i may have some recomendations:
Check if ps1 is difficult to screencap. Tales of phantasia is a great game to play / rewatch.
If ps1 emulation screencapping is hard/nonreliable, tales of phantasia had a previous version on SNES

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