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the cmc's familuar formula


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I thought of this a couple days ago and i wanted to compare that it reminded me of ed, edd, and eddy.


Hear me out.  Like the whole driving force of that group was to get jaw breakers.  their wild shenanigans would bring chaos and lunacy to their surroundings,


and the other character would thumb their noses at them.


Now replace jaw breakers with cutie marks.  replace Kevin with diamond tiara. 

Now if i went personality for personality i'd have to kick my bs into over drive,

I would suggest The "ed" and or scheme of the group would be scoots.


Look at cutie mark chronicles.  Her big wacky scheme was "action is going to get our cutie marks!"

I could compare sweetie bell to double d (edd) in that she's the whiney (sqeekie one)


and um.. i'm not gonna call one of the apple family dumb (LOL even though I sorta implied it).

even though......heh... the apple...hahahhaha... doesn't fall. MAHWHWHAHAH.. very far.. *slaps my knee* from the tree...*falls over holding my sides* Okay I'll stop.

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