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Hopes for Christmas?

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I always hate getting my hopes up for things, especially irrational things, but sometimes I can't help it.


This Christmas, I am dying for an iPhone 5s, or even the 5c. I didn't ask for anything else, and I told my dad ''If you don't want to get me the phone, then please only give me money so I can buy one''.


He doesn't want to buy me one because I already have a cell phone, but it's broken. I guess he just doesn't want to pay for two bills at once... We'd have to buy the device outright and put the SIM Card from my old phone into the iPhone, but the 5s is $850 to buy outright.


So I don't expect the phone, but it's all I want for Christmas.

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Basically I only asked for 2 diffrent things:Video games and pokemon plushies. The video games are all pokemon ones though,so,yeah...basically i asked for things pokemon related.

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A lot of Xbox live points so I can buy ALL of the games!


Original, I know.

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It would REALLY make my Christmas if I could just be around a loving family and see all my friends, rather than get all those gifts. However, Pokemon X WOULD be awesome, but my hopes aren't high this year. :(

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