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MLP. Friendship is Magic songs VS. Phineas and Ferb songs


"Evil Enchantress" VS. "Evil Boys"  

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  1. 1. Which song is better(please read first post before voting)

    • Evil Enchantress
    • E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S

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Hello! I am Patterson Rio Tacitus. 

As the title suggests, I will be putting two similar songs from each series up against each other, and by vote, you will choose which song is better.

Why Phineas and Ferb songs? I chose this series to pit against FiM. because I feel that their songs are quite similar. Not in style necessarily, more because both series create many original songs for the episodes that are usually exceptionally good quality, for an animated series. (I do not wish this to become a debate topic here. Please just vote, and maybe leave a comment explaining why you chose the song)

Now I know that most everybody here will probably be partial to MLP, which is why I ask that you listen to both songs, and then try to judge them based on which song is truly better, not necessarily which one you like better. However, if I find that MLP is winning way too much, then I will discontinue these polls. (Don't get me wrong, it just wouldn't be much of a contest if one side always wins because everybody is too partial)

I will be posting a new two songs approximately every two weeks, and I will announce the winners, on this blog, about five weeks after I post the poll.

And now, without further ado, may I present the contestants for this weeks poll!


Performed by "Flutterguy", It's the Evil Enchantress song


And for our next song, from Phineas and Ferb, E-V-I-L B-O-Y-S


(I know that the first song is quite a bit shorter than the next, but come on, it had to be done.)


Vote Now!


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i'm going to choose FIM.  In Phineas and Ferb it wasn't as hilariously done as the one FIM.  The look on Fluttershy's face in the song makes it the better song.

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