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The Crystal Empire Saga - Act 2


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After seven months of working, I've finally finished working on

The Crystal Empire Saga: Act 2!

Give it a listen! It combines Orchestra and Metal along with a Tolkien esque story to give you a powerful and epic story of struggle and conflict between the Vanguard of the Crystal Empire and the Legion of the Black King Sombra!



Written by: Night Shine


The Old Champion: Headph0ne Jackass

The Champion: Headph0ne Jackass

Skype: headph0nejack

The Black King: DeucesHam


The Crystal Maiden: Nichole Goodnight


Scout: Mathew Woodrow


Captain: IMShadow007

Skype: IMShadow007

Video by: Marcelo Hector


I'm planning on a side story for this. The story revolves around the captain during the siege of the crystal empire. If you can do a pretty badass sounding twilight, send me a PM or contact me through my skype or my email!





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Woo, the new act is out! I'm glad to see you're still working on this project, Arkane. :D


The combination of orchestra and awesome voicing is a really effective way of telling the story. I can feel the anguish and devotion in the Maiden's voice, the Scout's exhaustion, the Champion's courage, Sombra's villainy... then there's the first-rate sound effects and Headphone Jack's narration. That video's pretty slick for an audio work, too.

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This is absolutely amazing work you all have done here! I could see all that was happening in the audio as if I was there watching all of it!  As ~Sadistic Feld0~ said also I could easily feel all the emotions the characters had. The voice actors truly gave everything they got, this was amazing!


And you dared to stop at such a cliffhanger! I wish you continue this saga not only to see how it ends but also because it's amazing piece of art! You people are magnificent!

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Dang. That was terrific! I love the Old Champions voice. How does this not have more views?

It would really help us if you spread word about it. As hard as we try, we can never seem to get enough listeners. I'm not in it for the attention but I also do not want the efforts put into this go unnoticed. If you know anyone who has a big following, please, spread word. It'll really help us!

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