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Taking My First Step

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Hello everybody reading this, I'm new to the forum as you see. However I'm not new to the fandom.


It's funny because I'm mostly an introvert, so I stay away from forums regularly. But knowing how kind and loving the brony community truly is I decided to put my fears aside. It's my hope to find a place here, make meaningful relationships, and learn everything there is to be learned for I aspire to be a man of many talents.


If I'm not on the computer, you'll most certainly find me on Xbox LIVE. My Gamertag is something special to me: it's none other than 'Trixie Lulamoon'. As of late I play CoD: Ghosts, GTA V, and pretty soon Minecraft (my friend is buying it for me). I'd love to play with some of you in the future!


If you take a look at my profile page you can read aboout my interests in whole, but I mostly focus on drawing and gaming. I recently got a hundred dollar graphics tablet and it's a lot harder than traditional drawing for me! On a side note it doesn't help that it's winter and my hands are frozen... I'm having trouble typing this correctly too.


Anyway, thanks for your time! Hope we meet again.

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Welcome to the forums :lol: ,

I'll bet you, you will be surprised by how nice all the people are over here. At least I was. It truly is one of the best communities out there.


Cool to have another gamer brony on the forums :D, and I'd like to see some of your drawings too if you wouldn't mind of course :P


Anyway I hope you have a lot of fun here at the forums, I hope to see you posting around!! B)


BTW: You might wanna tell us something about how you became a brony, if you're ok with that of course ;)


And if you want a friend feel free to add me ^^ and if you want to talk to somepony, you can always PM me too!

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Welcome to the forums! It's always nice to see a fellow gamer join. And as Wayzer already said, it'd be cool if you showed us some of your drawings. I hope you have fun and that I see you around the forums!

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Thanks guys, I will try to get out some drawings in the near future! Unfortunately I'll have to mess with my tablet for awhile before I get the hang of it.




Also, I became a brony completely on my own with nobody telling me to or suggesting it. I had always occasionally seen some pony things but until February this year I didn't think anything of it, but I noticed it was popular. I've always been a sucker for cute things so I checked out the first two episodes... I didn't watch it again until spring break in April. At that point I ended up watching all the episodes they had available! I've been hooked since then. So in theory I'm still a baby foal in the community.

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