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Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's Friendship (A Tribute to Rainbow Dash)

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I've finally made a tribute again after over a year of not making them!  I thought I was done with them, but low and behold, here I am at it again!

Most people's tributes are the following;

A video with a song in the background with a bunch of arbitrary pictures...

I think that's pointless, so my style is to tell a story through the pictures and the song.

I tried the whole arbitrary thing with my Twilight tribute, and it just felt incomplete.

So... check it out, and share your thoughts on it.


The story of this tribute is that Rainbow Dash is pissed off at Pinkie Pie.  Thus, she just abandons their friendship, and Pinkie Pie is just torn apart about this.  She desperately tries to reason with Rainbow Dash, but she doesn't listen.  However, Rainbow reflects on the past together, and thinks that maybe the unknown incident wasn't so bad, and isn't sure what to do.  Meanwhile, Pinkie makes one last desperate attempt to apologize.  At the sight of Pinkie's sorrow and endless tears, Rainbow Dash accepts her apology.


I hope you enjoy;



The song is Friendship by Aviators

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Hmm... Too tired (and lazy) to watch videos.. (Mostly lazy) But so far seems like a good video to watch later.

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