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Hi bronies, my friends and I are currently working on a plan to create a bullet hell shooter inspired by Ikaruga. It's gonna be an ambitious one but right now, our team still lacks several important roles. Currently, we've only produced storyboards for Prologue Stage and Chapter 1, some music samples and a few concept arts. A website is also being made.


This game will utilize the Unity engine and is a 2.5D shooter. Game features include a three-weapon system, polarity shield like Ikaruga, 16 stages, primary and secondary objectives, level up system, 2 player mode and unlockables.


Right now, we have two music composers, one storyboard planner and writer (me), one 3D modeler (currently working on a 3D model of Gilda), one programmer (also a modeler working on Rainbow Dash) and two concept artists (but none of them know how to draw background art). Our only programmer said he can get to work once the concept art for the Prologue Stage and Chapter 1 is done.


What we need now are as follows:


More programmers (to work on level design, GUI, AI scripting and all that stuff)


3D animators for in-game animation


more 3D modelers to work on in-game models


Background design concept artists and digital artists


Cutscene animators (using Flash)


Sound engineer to create sound effects.


Since this game has cutscenes, VA is needed but that will come much later. For now, the roles on top are priority. You may hold two roles if you can handle it. We have a facebook group. Request to join and we'll let you in. Since the website isn't ready yet, all info on the game is in the group.




If you have any inquiries, you may email us at projectequestria@gmail.com


We're looking to make this game a huge success with replayability value. Your help and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


(I posted a help message here before regarding a MLP-Ikaruga crossover shooter. Right now, we've made some progress and the team is slightly bigger but we've got other problems as stated above. I really, really appreciate the help you guys can offer. We've made some concept arts and a 3D Model of Gilda too, still under construction though.)




Even if you can't help, spreading the word is greatly appreciated too. The team has worked hard in planning this one and it'd be a shame for it to go to waste.


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Okay so i compose music. What kind of music are you looking for? Here is an example of some of my most recent work. frozenfire.bandcamp.com


I am currently making a new album that has some of my best work in it. I have entered 2 contests in the past, one of which i got 4th place in. WOuld you like me to post my latest song thats planned for my new album?

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That would be very much appreciated. The songs I had in mind are action-packed. Want to get that epic feel you know. I find Zero's theme from Megaman X4 suitable for RD. Yeah, maybe a style like that.

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My songs are generally action packed.


To Be Named A Hero COMPLETE.mp3


Possible main theme? Thats what i designed it for. But its mainly instrumental and if your looking for a Gilda/RD sorta of feel it may not be appropriate for the situation. The song was designed for ADVENTURE and INTRODUCTION.

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A very Touhou-ish feel if I may say. Not bad but you're right, it's not that appropriate for RD and Gilda. The intro stage will act as RD's theme as well so it's gotta be action-packed. I would still refer to Megaman x4 or even Ikaruga's OSTs for that feel. It kinda fits.

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Looking for something like this?


Oh yes and TouHou has always been one of my favorite kinds of music. And Then There Were None. Dont mess with Flandre.




this isn't final version of the song, it will likely sound more profesional, but this is generally the basic design. It was designed to be like a vocal piece/speed metal piece. I can always edit the songs to only contain certain parts if you only want a particular part. I can throw some electric guitar into some of my songs if that works. I can imagine them having that kind of instrument.


Fire and Ice.mp3





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