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What helps you to relax?

Techite Sparkle

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Well alot of the time when I just want to sit down and relax and/or be left alone now these days I tend to simply browse the internet or listen to calm or melodic music. (Lulz yes)


Edit: Oops... I can't forget playing Sonic 2... xD...


So what about everybody else here?

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Oh there's plenty of things I do. You need a lot of ways to cheer up when you're so easily downed as I. Let me just try to list. Water for sure. I like the sound of rain on the roof or waves on a beach, or a fountain in our little pond out back. But there's this one place I go to that I just simply love. We live near a walking trail called Tilts Bush. Literally just inside the woods, there's this really old fallen tree in the river. I always climb up it and lie down near the top right beside the water. There's the gentle rapids of course but this also adds a bunch of nature sounds which I also find relaxing. Birds chirping, leaves rustling, other animals. This place is quite literally a safe haven for me.
And then there are some lessers. Like music, it doesn't even have to be calming music or pony music. I just drown out all the troubles of the world. Close my eyes and get lost in the music. Quite often I can visualize when I do this and it's just an awesome feeling.
And finally, I have a last resort. I only do this when nothing else works or I need to relax before going to sleep. Not because it's bad or anything, it's just something you never really think of and that's deep breathing. Everyone knows how to do that of course, but my Phys Ed teacher taught me five seconds in, five seconds out.

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Thunderstorms (or any form of weather containing rain) are the main thing that relax me. I love the sounds of the rain hitting the ground outside, and the window. 


Music can also really help me relax; depending on the song.

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-Listening to music that I enjoy.  Hell, even grindcore relaxes me. 

-Watching some moe anime.   Something like K-ON! or Minami-ke.   

-Looking at pics of anime girls

-Counting sheep

-Smelling flowers.  Yeah, that's right, smelling flowers.  Like tulips and shit.  

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What usually relieves my stress is going out for a drive.  Not to anywhere in particular, though I usually end up going on one of the main streets of a nearby town, and then park the car somewhere and just walk around.  I usually otherwise spend a lot of time indoors (either in school or at home) so just the chance to be outside and away from home (or school) is quite relaxing. 

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Sitting down and reading a good book or some new fanfic that I've gotten into, water and thunderstorms like nearly everypony else, and (sometimes) brainstorming for the fanfics I plan on writing soon.

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If we mean literally relaxing and not just things I enjoy doing, then when I want to relax: I find various things relax me.



Rain and thunderstorms: the sound of a live rain performance when it obviously rains, and the feel of being rained on makes me feel euphoric like a warn blanket being wrapped around me


Watching some movies and TV shows

A walk


Playing solitaire

Reading sometimes 

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It depends with me and my state of mind, if I'm angry, like full blown angry and want to cuss the world out, I take a few deep breaths and lie down on my bed till I calm down naturally.


If I'm crying and upset, well I let it out...then I eat chocolate and talk with my hubby or family


If I'm anxious or afraid about certain situations, I go outside and get freash air and rethink it all over.


And for those general mental picks or pings, I listen to music or draw hehe.

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Waffles are the meaning of my entire existence.


Nahh, I like browsing through Rarity fanart on deviantART :D


I especially like looking at the RariJack ship pics, they're so sweet. 


Other than that, I'll play my guitar or throw a hammer in my lip. Those are always good, too :D

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The following:

-petting espurr

-hugging espurr

-feeding espurr

-watching youtube videos with espurr

-making youtube videos with espurr

-taking espurr to the movies

-taking espurr for a walk

-battling with espurr

-eating dinner with espurr

-playing nintendo games with espurr

-sleeping with espurr on the same bed or couch

-playing TF2 with espurr

-spraying espurr pictures in TF2

-making a ridiculous post about espurr with espurr

-reading with espurr

-going to espurr.net with espurr


Anything I missed?

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