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Request Looking For Members to Create Alliance


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Hi, my name is Jacob. I'm looking for members of MLP Forums to create a team/alliance. What that means is that you will tell bronies about me, and I will tell bronies about you. We both help each other out and we rise to the top. There are a few rules though:


1. You must be a Muffin or higher. Sorry, blank flanks! Lower ranks are recommended, but not mandatory.


2. You must know the rules to MLP Forums and must be respectful and kind. If you have any warnings or receive a warning, you are not allowed in.


3. We can message each other just in case we need anything. We might be messaging each other a lot in the beginning, because of setup purposes.


Other than that, the group should be maybe around 3 or 4 people. We could think about it later, but for now, let's build an alliance. Reply below for joining/questions.


Owner - PureIntegrity (Just call me Jacob)

Assistant - frozen

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I've recieved a few very minor warnings, mostly just accidentally derailing a thread or two or forgetting about the report button and doing a little bit of backseat moderation (let's just say I've taken the opportunity and saw the warnings as a second chance, I've learnt my lesson) would I be allowed to join?

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Dude, there's too many members on this site who don't meet the qualifications for the "Never gotten a warning/total clean slate" rule :D


Like, I've gotten 1 warning, and 0 WPs during my time here, and I know some much friendlier, well-behaved members of this site that have gotten more Warnings than I have :D


I think that shouldn't be a rule, just because that list is VERY small for the active users of this site :D

Just giving you a heads up or some advice on how to expand your alliance  :D

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The alliance has been formed.


you will receive a message if you have been accepted :P see you in a bit



btw im the alliances second in command. if you have any questions ask me or inginity

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Guys, I need a bit of uplifting, I know it's kinda pathetic but I've been feeling kinda lonely lately and.. well this song kind of describes how I feel:


Nokturnl - Prism



Where you goin', why you leavin'
I gotta get away, I got my reasons
I had to hide away and take my feelin's
So when I die inside, you'll never see it

And I'm havin' trouble with the things in my way
Coz they seem to be bigger than just yesterday
And my skin is so thick that I can't get out and no
Nobody cares wat I'm talking about

I don't want you to know
Because I'm the only one who needs to
I don;t care what you know
I only care about myself who needs you
Why should I feel or show
It's the only way that I can face the day
You should leave me alone
And I'll deal with it in my own way

How am I doin', with my problems
I'll pretend they're gone and it solves them
I got a hundred more and it's growin'
I got a name for each one coz I know them

And I'm havin' trouble with the things that you say
Coz they seem to be stupider than yesterday
And on the inside I scream and I shout, 'No'
Nobody cares what I'm thinking about

and this bit:
Nokturnl - All I See

All I see is a vision of me
Standing alone, in a world that's gone wrong
All I see is a vision of me,
Paying for something (that I've done wrong)

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