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Marry a Pony or Zoidberg?


Would you marry Zoidberg or a Pony?  

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  1. 1. Would you marry Zoidberg or a Pony?

    • I don't like Ponies, so I would marry Zoidberg.
    • I don't like Zoidberg, so I would marry a Pony.

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Would you marry Zoidberg or a Pony? Zoidberg is Humanoid and pretty looking... Plus those cartoon MLP FIM Ponies are not as cute as Zoidberg.


Plus you get to live in his dumpster and eat garbage. 

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This thread appears to be some manner of random (but strangely enjoyable) nonsense, or something spammy of the sort. Thus, it has been sentenced to the Forum Lounge section of Cloudsdale Colosseum.


This is an automatically generated message, by the way.

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Neither Zoidberg or ponies are physically compatible to humans as a mate, so for many purposes to which marriage is suited the union would be useless.

Except for tax-exemption in Equestria.

The only thing Zoidberg would be good for would be eating all the shrimp and setting my slinkies on fire.

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While it's true that Zoidberg is humanoid, they were always going on about how bad he smelled and that's a dealbreaker for me, so I'd have to go pony. I could always get the Professor to invent a crazy machine to turn me into one . . .

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