S02:E19 - Putting Your Hoof Down


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There are definitely problems here, but they aren't that major. Fluttershy's transition into mean Fluttershy is very rushed and she doesn't get the blame for what she becomes. Iron Will does deserve some of the blame since his lessons were too extreme, but he's not nearly as bad as the episode makes him out to be. The reason these problems aren't major is because there are so many other positives to distract from them.

Really, the first act is pretty solid. Fluttershy only meeting terrible ponies is a bit contrived, but it's not a deal breaker. And Rarity's manipulation of that guy is bad, but she does pay him for the asparagus so it's not the worst. Everything else is done well, establishing Fluttershy's problem and flowing very naturally. 

The mean Fluttershy scenes aren't as good because of the rushed transition, but mean Fluttershy is fun to watch and her going on that rant on Pinkie and Rarity is done really well. 

The third act is where the biggest problems come in, but even then Iron Will is still fun and there are some good gags. 

This is an Okay episode overall. The jokes and the fun of Iron Will keep me from disliking this episode, but there are too many issues to call this a good episode.

Score: 6/10

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Lol, Iron Will is certainly a character. 8/10  

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