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Good evening Everypony! <3


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Hiya everypony! I am a girl and a huge fan of everything MLP. Super friendly And I love to chat to anypony about anything! I love art and I take art requests if anypony ever wants their ponies drawn! I'm so excited to meet fellow bronies and pegasisters! Have a good night! ^-^

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Hello, StrawberryTasu. Welcome to these forums, it is always a delight to see another new ponies face here, I suppose. I hope you have a good time here, if you ever need anything, you need only ask anypony. Enjoy yourself.  

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Hello and welcome to the forums Strawberry  :lol:


An artist eh? I'm a terrible drawer.  :(  I'm more of a writer.  :)

if you ever want anypony to chat with, send me a PM. I'm always open for conversation. :P

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