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OOC [OOC] The Missing Cityfolk and the Wishing Scroll(NO LONGER ACCEPTING)

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There's a small city that's famous for its stories, particularly the ones that revolve around something called a Wishing Scroll. Its name spoke for itself, as it granted every creature(including ponies) a single wish in exchange for something(nopony knows what that was). It was enshrined in a temple, which was located in a town of mysterious sages and their children who let only a chosen few through.

However, a great disaster stole away the town that was once built around it and the scroll went with it. Including the ponies who lived within. Nopony knows what caused it. Some say it was a monster. Some say it was a natural catastrophe. Some say a conflict of some kind lead to each of them stealing away eachother's lives. Whatever the cause, the town was gone and a small, bustling city took its place over time.

Now, over a century later, its inhabitants have disappeared and left it behind. That's where three mares come in while the princesses are occupied. They're looking for volunteers to come and join in this mystery via chain mail.

Are you willing to join them for a chance to fulfill your greatest desire?

A pegasus mail courrier drops an envelope in your mailbox. On the parchment paper in black ink, it reads:

To whom it may concern,

In a city once known to house an object known as the "Wishing Scroll", its inhabitants have all disappeared without a trace. This is the same phenomenon from over a century ago, before even Discord was encased in stone. We believe that event and the scroll are both connected to the city folk's disappearance and therefore, we are pushing to find out the whereabouts of the city folk while solving the mystery of the scroll.

If we do find this scroll(which is unlikely one of us may add), you may be able to have a single wish granted. We cannot guarantee it but this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so think carefully before you decide to take up this quest.

If you wish to join us, meet us at the coffee-shop in Ponyville by sunset on Dec. 15. Be prepared for traveling and possibly even combat.

In cursive, straight, and messy hoofwriting respectively, it's signed "Star Rain", "Kanon", and "North Shine".

Hello everyone and welcome to my first RP!

  • The only species besides ponies I'll accept are griffons(and no, allicorns don't count as ponies). If your OC is a Mary Sue however, I won't accept.
  • No controlling other's OCs without permission(if you need to go out for anything for more than a day, don't hesitate to entrust someone with your OC(s).)
  • Up to three OCs are allowed.
  • My OCs may be the leaders in this, but don't feel insignificant. Everyone will get a chance to shine. On that note, don't hog the spotlight for yourself.
  • There will be combat in this. Allow yourself to get hit at least a couple times before you finish them off. And allow everyone else to defeat some enemies themselves. We can't have one person hogging all the kills anyways.
  • Use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The occasional error is alright, but please at least make them understandable. And please organize your posts into paragraphs! Nobody likes reading walls of text!
  • I will allow romance, but keep it PG-13.
  • If you decide to be a rule breaker or act just plain stupid, I will kill your characters off and you''ll be out of the RP.
  • Have fun!

I'll need a link to your OCs of course, but you also have the option of telling me what wish your OC wants granted. I'm aiming for a plot, a central theme, and character development and I plan on using these wishes to make it possible.


MagicalStarRain: Star Rain, North Shine, and Kanon

1. Myopia Oncler: Myopia Onlcer, Thunder King
2. AnonBrony: Dorado, Eternity
3. Trickster Pride: Helios
4. Windbreaker: Noble Persona, Kinetic Energy
5. Cinderscribe: Wind Symphony
6. Nomadic: Monkshood


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Would of responded yesterday, but life happens. And by life, I mean video games hahahaha!


I would be bringing in Dorado. Since you already know him I don't think I need to link him do I? And I believe you can already guess what his wish would be.



And if we are gonna need more OC's I could also bring in Eternity. 

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Me and Windy want to join with Hielos and Noble!


Tricksters Pride: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/ojos-de-hielos-r4679

(Though she going to introduce herself as Ice if asked so don't just call her Hielos ok.)


Windbreaker: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/noble-persona-r4820

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Naturally. How could I forget?


I kind of expected his wish to be money AND mares. Although the latter would already be accomplished amongst a group with at least a few mares in it. Lucky for him(or unlucky), the group is even lead by three mares. 


You can bring Eternity in if you so desire.


@@Tricksters Pride,


Will Windy be controlling his OC, or will you be controlling both?




This is not Equestria Divided.

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You have no idea how well suited this seems for one of my characters - Wish Scribe:




You mentioned combat: She tends to rely on enthusiasm and wits to make up for a lack of experience or any kind of training. If its going to be super combat-heavy, then her brother Scribe Shield might be better:




Regardless, their wish would be to find the other one.

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This RP will have some combat in it. The city they're going to will be filled with criminals and gangs who are seeking the scroll, so it may get a little heavy there. Then one thing will lead to another and things will start to get a little supernatural. I won't specify that last part because then I'll be spoiling my plans.


Think Wish Scribe can handle this?

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So... uhh... I have a changeling Inquisitor, and uh...




The only species besides ponies I'll accept are griffons(and no, allicorns don't count as ponies). If your OC is a Mary Sue however, I won't accept.


Well, drat. I want in, but I've got to go dig up a decent character. I'll be back... 

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Hmm... well if theres going to be fighting left right and center then Wish can only look after herself for so long... and Scribe simply wouldn't cooperate with too many ponies to make him viable now that I've looked over a few of the other characters (Seriously, If Scribe figures out who Noble Persona is, only one of them will be leaving ;))


Symphony on the other hand... yeah, I'll put her forward! More than capable of holding her own in a few diferant ways



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@@Tricksters Pride,@@AnonBrony,


Let's see… Dorado will have to deal with:


  • A knowledge base who specializes in art magic and uses a staff that conceals a sword 
  • A street-wise navigator with bladed wings and shuriken (sharp discs that are to be thrown)
  • A foreign seductress who possesses the power of words and a naginata (a long stick with a blade at the end)
  • An assassin who has a shadow of power following her wherever she goes
  • A shining beauty with enough skill to take your things away within a second



I cannot wait to see how it will go between them!

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