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You and the 3 people above you are in a band!


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Forums! Are you Ready to Rock?! ^_^



Well big news for you! You're in a band alongside the 3 people above you! It can be any type of band, Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dj, Classical Quartet, etc... Best thing is, you're incharge of the band, and you must decide, who plays which instrument! Pick a name for your band and go Rock those forums!  ^_^




1. Me - Guitar!

2. SuperP0n1 - Bass Guitar!

3. RainbowDashLover64 - Vocals!

4. FlutterSmash! - Drums!


Name - PoniDashSmash! :lol:


Now go!







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ChampionLW19 Double bass drummer, backing vocals


Sugar Cube 5 string bass player, harmonic vocals


Concord 7 string rhythem & lead guitar, harmonic vocals


Myself: 7 string rhythem & lead guitar, screaming vocals


and you know what? I'm changing this game. The first 3 people above you will be your band mates, but the 4th person above you is stuck being your producer.


Darky Producer


Band name: Witcharchy

Genre: Gothic-thrash metal

Album: Damage to do

Record Label: Nuclear Blast Equestria


Top that

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Sugar Cube - Violin

ChampionLW19 - Viola

Denim&Venom - Cello

Celtore - Violin


Producer: Concord

Name: String Theory.


// Simple setup, effective, sounds amazing... Plus we needed to class this thread up somehow! :P

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Celtore - Violin


Me - Drums


Denis&Venom - DJ


ChampionLW19 - Electric/Acoustic Guitar


Everyone on Vocals




Band Name: Placebo Palace


First Album: Land of Confusion


Genre - ???

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