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Crossover [Fan Fic] Batmare Begins - Chapter 3: The Order of Extraordinary Ponies

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It's here, it's here, it's finally here everypony!!!  After a MASSIVE writing period that took me all summer and fall, the first of four new chapters for "Batmare Begins" is finished and has been published ya'll!!!  Chapter 3 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.  The next three chapters will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday (at least, that's the plan).


Special thanks to my BFF DashForever for helping me edit Chapter 3 as well as for all his support and helpful advice and creative input during the writing process.  He also introduced me to the Winningverse during this writing period, which should in the long run have a BIG impact on the direction that my own writing takes, so thank you for that as well DF.  You're the best, buddy!  :muffins:


Also, big shout out to Midnight Scribbler (deviantART ID: Soultrip69), who's graciously volunteered to put together some new cover art for the story, which, Lord willing, may even be up this week.  If you haven't yet, check out some of his awesome art here (; dude's seriously a fantastic artist and a great friend!  Thanks for your help Midnight!!!  :squee:


Finally, a big, big thank you to Chengar Qordath, creator of the Winningverse.  While my story does not take place in the Winningverse, Chengar Qordath has been kind enough to allow me to utilize Clan Kicker, and the major family members of said clan, such as Cloud Kicker and her immediate family, in my own story.  He also has graciously provided me with lots and lots of useful tips and invaluable advice in my writing any segments that have involved Clan Kicker so far, and has always answered any questions I've had whenever I've come to him with them.  Thank you so much Chengar for your permission and all your help and support, and seriously everypony, if you haven't checked out Chengar Qordath's Winningverse yet, do so ASAP!  It's seriously one of the greatest fanon universes in all of MLP fanfiction, and contains some outstanding gems such as "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony" and "The Lunar Rebellion".  :)  Here's a link to his massive body of works:


Well, that's all I got to say, so without further ado, here's "Batmare Begins - Chapter 3: The Order of Extraordinary Ponies".  Just click on the link below and you'll get there.  Enjoy everypony!!!  Let me know what you think of the latest chapter in the comments below, and if you haven't started "Batmare Begins" yet and decide to do so, let me know what you think of the story as a whole. img-2156899-1-img-1367861-1-biggrin.png

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