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Need help with your MIDI arrangement?


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Hello Everypony!


Are you a musician who releases their songs with MIDI sound? Do you know that there's another way?

Before you say "I know man, go away." let me offer you some help. I'll explain everything in a Q&A.



I have hardware, a Roland JV 880 to be precise. It's MIDI sound is much better than that of Windows or any other standard stuff.



You send me your MIDI file, I rearrange it to make it fitting for the JV 880 (different instrument sets, etc.) and record it on that.


"How does it sound?"

Glad you ask! Listen to this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4085955/ This is the only song I arranged for that device and made only on that device.


"But what if I want guitars?"

That's an easy one. I use Guitar Pro 6, giving me endless possibilities of virtual guitars. Want to listen? https://soundcloud.com/billy-rex-2/tracks These tracks have been rendered using only Guitar Pro 6. And yes, I own it legaly.


"What do you want in exchange?"

Nothing. But I'd be glad to be mentioned, may it be in the description or like "[insert your name here] feat. Billy Rex" or something.


"Then why do you offer this?"

I want to help people that don't have hard- and or software like I do or don't have the know-how to do so. Maybe it allows you to become famous in the fandom? Who knows.


"Why should I trust you?"

Because the brony community is all about being nice, helping each other, right? I can't blame you to not trust someone who writes a thread about giving him your music. I'd be scpetical, too.


"What do I do if I want your help?"

You can email me ( billyrexmusic@gmail.com ) or simply answer on this thread or send me a pm! It's that easy.


May the flow be with you.




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