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Hello there


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I'm Dessa!  Just checking the place out for now, but I might as well introduce myself.

Introducing isn't my thing really (I prefer to get to know a forum through lurking long enough to get a sense of the culture), but the Mare tells me I gotta get five posts.  So here's one.

Any expatriates from Canterlot.com (I know there are plenty who have fled), or Whitetail Woods (much more obscure) might recognize me from there under the same name.  Heck, I'm pretty much some variation of Dessa everywhere I go.

I do pixel art 'n' junk, see?:


ckj9FqE.pngSKhk5je.pngVd1ZLtZ.png<- Full disclosure, the latter character is Gingermint's OC, I didn't design.


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First off, your grammar is immaculate. You and I are best friends already.  :wub:


Second, welcome to the Forums! Good to see another artist added to the mix -- you can never be short on people with creative talents. If you haven't found your way there already, go check out Octavia's Hall and show off some of your work! (I'm looking at your examples over and over...I might be begging you for some art sometime.  :lol: )


Anyway, if you ever need help or just wanna chat, feel free to hit up myself or any other user. We're a lovable bunch. 


Hope to see you around and enjoy!


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Oh! I love you art! I just love looking at my little pony art! I am more of a fanfiction writer though....

I love pinkie pie! What's your favorite pony? I also like rainbow dash! So do you fanfiction writing too? I hope you can be yourself and have fun on here because everyone here is so nice!

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Post 2.  Three more introduction posts to slog through.  MLP forums, why is this required?  This is terribly annoying.

I have to get 5 out of the way in the welcome forum, but they can't be a throwaway 5 posts?  Well, I'd love to go wander in the art section Kolth, but I can't because requirements.  I mean, I can, but I can't post.  I tend to be lazy and slow with my art, but who knows?  Now and again I'll do an art trade (and you dont have to be good at art for me to warrant a trade, you just have to try, man, you just have to try), but I'm amidst a think that is taking forever at the mo'.

Vinyl:  Thanks!

Star: Pinkie Pie was best Pony, but she's been terribly annoying in season 3 and 4.  It's like she's always dialed to 11 now.  Every time she's on screen, she's screaming her lines at full volume, and she can't deliver a line without it being a joke.  That said, in the Bats! episode she was a'ight.  So tl;dr, Pinkie Pie is best pony in theory. 

Swearing?  Is swearing a thing here?  God, I hope so.

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I always forget which boards require a certain post count to interact with. I should probably brush up on that.


If you need to fill out those five posts in the Welcome Mat, consider saying "Hey" to some other new faces! They could use a warm welcome as well.

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