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Hello everypony,


I didn't really think this through so bear with me. My name is Jonathan and I'd never thought I would find myself here. I could write an essay about why I'm here now but I'll spare the you the wall of text unless anyone is interested. In a nutshell however, I initially dismissed the show as "another kids show" until I ran into various clips on YouTube which I liked but didn't really pursue further until around last week. I'm out of work right now but I'm starting a new job in two weeks and so in the meantime, I've had nothing to do but screw around on my computer and curiosity got the better of me. I was watching more MLP clips and parodies (shameless plug for the pony.mov series!) and I got really attached to the characters and started watching the actual show. Up to now, I haven't gotten around to finishing the first season yet.


Uhhh, as for the now, well I came across this site either through Reddit (I browse the MLP subreddit often) or Google although I don't remember which. I decided to join so that I could meet some new folks on here. I have some degree of social anxiety though so at least for now, I'll be doing more lurking than posting but I'm a friendly person so feel free to talk to me whenever!


As for who I am, well, I don't really know what to say other than that I'm just another person who's here now. I also (used to) fix computers for a living so if anypony needs technology advice and I happen to know the solution, feel free to ask! Can I get my desktop cutie mark now? :lol:


That's about it for now, if anypony wants to know more, feel free to ask. Have a good night and happy New Year!

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Hello and welcome to the forums! As with me, I overlooked mlp as another kids show, but then when I actually watched it, and found out about the fandom, it's like a whole new world opened up xD

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