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Ink/colour artist wanted for webcomic

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Hello everypony!


So you may know of me and my blogs already, but if you haven't I'm Dil and I created Southern Belle AJ.


Click here for the magics!




Southern Belle AJ is a meta-comic of sorts, I write stories based on or inspired by questions from my followers. The first outing started as an impromptu comic written one evening to explain a relationship between Applejack and Shining Armor, the next story revolved around Sweet Apple Acres being attacked by giant cats, which culminated in a grand finale that... well I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Nevertheless I gained 200 followers in two months and I want to keep going.


To catch up with Applejack's adventures, check out the meta-story archive here


So as I push on with the meta-stories I am simultaneously trying to improve the quality of the comic as a whole, working at higher resolutions with more detailed lineart and, recently, introducing colour. Sadly this means that I'm spending longer and longer on each panel and my posts-per-day count has dropped because of it. What I would like is for a like-minded artist to help share the burden, be it inking, colouring or providing luscious backdrops in order to preserve a quality product that can be enjoyed by all.


Now I'm aware that this is the Everest of optimism, but if you don't ask you won't receive. This is not a paid position, all work is done purely for the love of MLP and a desire to tell interesting and heartfelt stories in the My Little Pony universe. You will, however receive FULL CREDIT for all works and co-authorship of the blog should you wish to stay on long-term. You will receive a share of all donations, but this is not guarantee of a constant income.


If you would like an example of what I'm asking for essentially I need someone to turn this:




Into this:





One thing I would like to make clear is that this will require commitment, I plan on creating panels for the foreseeable future so I'd prefer not to have to find new partners a few weeks down the line should you change your mind. I won't pressure you or set strict deadlines but conversely I expect a basic level of professionalism.


Any questions please ask, I look forward to hearing from you all!

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I would actually really love to do this. I remember some time ago you looking for some help with a title and then I only wished I had the resources to help you out. 
Well I do now, I would love to help out with colouring of characters and such. Backgrounds may take a little longer than just colouring and such, and I may struggle with harder backgrounds, but I would still love to do this. 

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Well excellent, I wasn't expecting anyone to come forward so quickly! For the colours I use swatches eyedroppered from screens of the show so there won't be any brainpower wasted on finding the right tones, and as for backgrounds I'm struggling myself (waiting for a book on perspective to arrive in the post) but when theyre required I'll draw them in and you'll only have to colour the linework (unless your own skill for BGs surpasses mine, in which case be my guest) otherwise the backgrounds are only necessary for setting so a few ovals for distant hills and a blue sky will be necessary.


Anyways, enough chat, if youd like to add me on Skype we can take it further, I'm "dilarus" on there too.

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