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What TV show would you like to see ponified?

Black Licorice

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Sailor Moon

Just due to the magic and freindship

and such,  i think it would be grand.


Dragon Ball Z.....

Shit and giggles...

and hearing such manly voices to

come out of ponies would be killer

and the fighting...

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Well that hard ot say what I would like to see ponyfied, most universe work because they are humans, turning them into ponies would ruin certain traits of certain characters.  So I can't really think of a TV I like that i would like to see ponyfied. 


But if I have to chose from this thread, i would say Stargate SG-1 or perapes Atlantis cause the crystal Empire is pretty much a look alike to Atlantis in Stargate Atlantis.

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How I Met Your Mother. It'd be an interesting combination, that's for sure.


I definitely would like to see this!


My vote would be for Community as it one of my personal favorites. I think Fringe would also be a good one, Twilight would make a great Olivia!

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None. Each show has what makes it unique, and having any of my favorite shows be ponified would just go against that principle.


I agree with this.  Plus, I personally think an amazing show (like Walking Dead for example) would be ruined ponified.

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Top Gear, Stig Pony would be awesome, especially the "Stig Facts" Clarkson makes up.


"Some say his hooves are magnetic and that he always faces true north, and that he turned the position of being Celestia's student because he is just too recognisable. All we know is, he's called the Stig!"

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I think Doctor Who and Angel Beats! would be interesting choices. Angel Beats! has a nice cast of characters that would be cool to see ponified, and there are a lot of cool fan animations out there starring Doctor Whooves which leads me to believe a ponifed version of Doctor Who would be noce.

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You want a list?


  • That 70's Show-A hilarious show about 6 teenage stoners. What's more to say?
  • Seinfield-"It's a show about nothing"-George
  • Kickin it-Ponies doing karate and having a fight scene in almost every episode.
  • Pair of Kings
  • ANT Farm
  • Drake and Josh
  • The Office
  • Ned's Declassified:School Survival Guide
  • All That!
  • The Amanda Show
  • Gravity Falls
  • ICarly
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Monk
  • Zeke and Luther

That's it.

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