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Gaming So, who wants to join me on Phantasy Star Online 2?


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PSO2 is a fast-paced Free-to-play, Free-to-download Action MMORPG. No point and clicky-click stuff here. Gameplay is fast and intense, and varied. Wanna be a robot cleric casting light magic? You can do it. Wanna be an elf katana weilding sniper? You can do it. Wanna be jumping around shooting dual pistols while spinning around through the air? You can do it.


Wanna surf around on a fucking great sword because fuck-you-that's-why? You can do it.


It's a futuristic world with great action. Lots of free-form movement and dodging. Think God of War or Devil May Cry...BUT IN THE FUTURE! So no need for babies on this trip. Play it as a hack-n-slash or play it like a shooter. Anything goes here and I'm looking for fellow bronies to join me.


And best of all, IT'S FREE!


Here's a sample of what it's like for you guys.





So if you guys are up for the challenge and wanna get in on some good action with your fellow bronies, just hit me up on Skype at freelancerraiko. Also, using your mic is really appreciated folks (but technically not required).

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I'm also in on this. The game's got a VASTLY superior character customization system, especially compared to other free-to-play MMOs.



Yeah not to mention the fact it's basically only one of two action rpg ones that rest of the world can play (other one is Vindictus which is really showing it's age).

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