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Technology Have you seen: JXD 7800b Gaming Tablet


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^^ My review on the device but if you dun wish to watch here is what it is.




It is a quad core Android tablet with built in joysticks and buttons. It has a preprogrammed Button Mapper that allows you to modify the tablet's virtual keyboards/controls to the phyiscal buttons. It has power enough to run PS1 games and below (though people are working on a Dreamcast Emulator).


While it is a Chinese product (which can be sketchy), it is surprisingly very well put together (despite my power button being broken when I got it - luckily I have a friend who fixed it) and with a few little adjustments using custom roms, I was able get it running beautifully (it runs beautifully without the custom roms, the roms just help you remove the bloatware that is installed)


Cost me around 140$ :D


has anyone else seen this or have questions concerning it ^_^ or do you know other machines that do the same thing and would like to sharE? This is the thread for you :3



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