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Spike's clawed feet tapped on the wooden floor of the library as remorse and nostalgia flowed through his head. He remembered those days, simple days of writing letters to the princess. The days went by too fast, for he had no idea how simple and nice his life used to be. He had grown significantly, as he was no longer bipedal and small. He stood up on his hind legs and tried to remember the feeling, but with no luck. He looked around at the empty bookcases, remembering shuffling through them to find a certain mystical tome. His jaw quivered and water flawed his vision, trying not to let a tear hit the floor. He failed and rolled over on his back and tried to take a nap. He knew that Twilight wouldn't find him here. He was safe, for now. His rebellious teenage phase was far worse than an average pony. He used his controllable fire abilities to vandalize his symbols into the sides into buildings and cottages. Twilight, being a princess, tried to stop him, but he had wings now, so he couldn't be her puppet any more. He felt weight on his eyelids, but also on his back. Why did he feel bad for running away? He had everything, and no chores or rules to restrain him. And yet his head felt like stinging bees, with his own emotions pushing on his like a giant paperweight. It hurt; and as much as he wanted it to stop, his mind held no mercy. He ran out, thrashing out with his tail and destroying buildings, spotting the royal guard already running towards him. Ugh, this again. He quickly spun around and swatted the guards away like flies. Suddenly, a bright light above his head blinded his vision, and the sound of feathery wings flapping made him curious, so when the light finally subsided, he squinted up and saw Twilight, slowly floating down to his eye level, tears rolling down her light purple cheeks. "You can leave if you want. I don't care any more. I won't send any guards. Just go." The large dragon's eyes widened, and his grizzly jaw curved into a surprised grin. His deep, mature voice growled in a low tone; "Thank you... Friend." With the sound of leathery wings chopping the air, he flew off, not even seeming to have a single regret. Twilight turned, still suspended in a flight position, and watched as the deep purple dragon flew away.


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