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Hello Everypony!  My name is Bashscript and I am new to this forums but not new to MLP.  I am a software engineer and consider myself a scientist, and I love to theory craft as well as explain my theories of the Universe of MLP...


Like for example, how do ponies keep time?  If the sun is controlled, does that mean that there are no hours/minutes/seconds in the day?  We know that there are days, years, and seasons.... thanks to Rainbow Dash's counting down the days until the next Daring Doo Book.


Or the question, because the sun and moon are both controlled and we have seen them transition next to each other as in what happens to other creatures outside of Equestria, like over the seas... Are their seas?  is the world round?  Are they in an internal night?  We know Zecora comes from a "far away land" and she contains the knowledge of Cuite Marks so it stands to reason that other ponies outside of Equestria have cutie marks....


Or the question, if back in the founding of Equestria, earth ponies grew the food, and pegasus controlled the weather, and Unicorns controlled the sun and moon, why is celestia and luna controlling the sun and moon, and why do unicorns get to freeload on the unity?


I'm sorry if I geeked out there for a bit....

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Another scientist, yay. I don't see enough scientists on here. Anyway its ok to geek out over the show in fact your theories and questions should be put to a person that can over analyse the show in a deep perspective and give back logical reasoning and explinations to defent their points


Well, its nice to meet you and I hope to see you around.

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Welcome to the forums, Bashscript.  :)  You're obviously not new if you have so many thoughts on the cartoon.  A lot of the topics you raised can be found in Show Discussion and some good ideas on those have already been brought up.  If overanalyzing a cartoon aimed at small kids is your thing, you've found the perfect place for it.  ^_^


Feel free to explore and have fun!  :D

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