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Everything about Sweet Apple Acres?

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 I want to know everything there is know about my favorite place in MLP, Sweet Apple Aceres.


Location: Is there a map that pinpoints this farm property? Is it closer to Ponyville, or is it closer to The Everfree Forest?


 Blueprint map of Sweet Apple Acres: Is there a map that shows every bit of buildings and crop fields on the SAA property?


 House barn blueprint: Is there a blueprint map that shows each and every room of The Apple Family house-barn?


 I also want to know if they raise any other crop besides apples, and all of their livestock too.

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Location: Sweet Apple Acres is closer to Ponyville than the Everfree Forest.


Blueprint Map: I don't think there is a map of Sweet Apple Acres, but I did find this.



House Barn Blueprint: Not yet unfortunately.


In Winter Wrap Up, the Apple family were planting other fruits and vegetables by planting the seeds in the ground. Other than that, I don't think they raised another crop besides apples except in that episode.

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