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I've been an MLP fan for a couple years, and never thought of joining a forum for it until now. Weird.


Anyway, I'm Lindsay. Call me whatever you like.


I like creating OCs. I'd like to write stories but man, I can never seem to think up a plot for one. Anyway, hope to have fun here!

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Wow, three replies already!


I spruced up my profile a bit, and made an avatar from a drawing of my oc. Hopefully I don't look so plain anymore.


I write plenty of non-MLP stuff, but when it comes to MLP stories, I draw a blank for some reason. It's strange.


I'm going to look around the other forums now, but already this place looks fun and friendly. :)

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Hello and welcome to the forums Winged.  :P


I tend to write a few MLP fanfics in my spare time, although i've only posted one.  :okiedokielokie:  Never had the time to share or post the others.  :lol:



Anyways, welcome to the forums!  :)  If you ever want to chat, send me a PM. I'm always open for conversation.  :catface:

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