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Pinkie new big sister roll.


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Hell its at the top of the sight (points at apple bloom next to pinkie pie).


Apple bloom said "i have a new sister."

and well,

Lets ignore "the actual relation"


How would you feel about pinkie and apple bloom acting like sisters?


I think it's gonna add a new look to cmc episodes.

Apple bloom turning to her accentric nutty distance relative for help, maybe because she's worried about disappionting apple jack?

I really hope the rest of the writers role with this new dimension to pinkie pie.

That keep this up and Pinkie might make best pony well before the end of the season.



Really?  I'm the only one who saw this as a big thing?

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Most likely the 2 won't talk much to each other. I just don't see it happening. Just not seeing AB getting actuated to Pinkie Pie like that.


If anything Pinkie should try and be a big sister to Pound and Pumpkin.

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That picture made me go awes and cry ;(

Not all adult themese are grim dark.


for me Pinkie applie pie was the mature episode I wanted.  This was a big deal for pinkie pie.

Why?  imagine if at what ever point apple jack would gone "oh sorry pinkie your not family go home now."


It would made party of one look like a pleasont memory.  PInkie doesn't do well when friends turn her away.

imagine family.


Hm, damn i think i defeated my opening statement lol.

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