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Writing Short Story Collection :)

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So here is a collection of short stories they are pretty great if I do say so myself, they are inspired by words others have given me. Feel free to leave comments and opinions :D


ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana 


"Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy.

Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet.

He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched.

​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit.

She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all. 

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I give this short story a 10/10. :P

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@Malinter Your word- Forest


"Whoosh" the morning breeze hushed by rustling her hair. and caressing her body.

She waited as she always did. She stood in silence awaiting her love among her friends and family.

As he came into view she saw something was array. He held something in his hands for the first time today.

"Could it be." She thought

He drew nearer "No it can't." 

"Oh my love." She exclaimed through unheard tears. As the man bent low she was over come with fear.

Swinging with all his might he struck her and she began to bleed.

'You watched me grow and handled me with great care, What did I do to deserve this fate?" She pleaded as her wounds were cut deeper.

She said one last word and prayed it would be heard, "Stand strong my loved ones, I am sorry I could not. I have fallen and left you today, I wish I was stronger I wish I could have fought."


With those final words he struck her once more leaving in her place only but a stump.

@SmartyPants - Your word was Titan


Marsh-an Man sat alone watching over his robotic army of servants atop of his throne.  His empire was nearly complete, however it lacked one thing....

He stood uttering commands over the bots of Titan (Saturn), And ruled with a firm hand. He effectively terminated any and all roboresistance. Little did Marsh-an Man know however that 'Puther' who resides in Uranus was plotting to Take over.


Putter the beautiful queen of Uranus gathered her CUMS* (Crucial Ultimate Mayday Squad) and off they went to overcome the Man. They entered the ghastly atmosphere guns were at the ready. Puther approached Marsh-an Man and tried to reason with his one set mind track, "Please, Marsh-an man, give peace a chance. It will change your life and make it beautiful, like a Rainbow."


The Man stood puzzled, perplexed by her proposal, "It is perfect here the way it is I need to stickin rainbows!"


With that Putter turned to her CUMS* and on her ready they fired! Covering Marsh-an Man in cold icy regret.

"Your empire lacked one thing.. and that is Love." Putter from Uranus Declared. 

That day has since become a popular celebrated Holiday amoung all races. It was known as "Putter from Uranus, The Glory day."




Personally I think this could be a number one short story contender!

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