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*NOTE:* I am BRAND spanking new, so PLEASE forgive me if this thread has not been posted in its proper location!!


Hi :)

My name is Cassie. I am 23 years old and I have been a fan of MLP for roughly 16 months. 




Last year ('13), when I went to BronyCon, I was surprised and EXTREMELY pleased to hear us Bronies singing these songs in unison :3 Then, I had a thought:


What if I were to organize a smallish group of local (sorry, non MD-ers D:) people who were actually to PRACTICE some A CAPELLA ARRANGEMENTS of pony songs BEFORE the con and then wander around, performing for people!! :D


If you are interested in helping me to organize this in time for BRONYCON '14 (fun! fun! fun! fun!):


-Please email me directly at yoursoph@yahoo.com (that's Y O U R S O P H )

-Please be a half-decent singer (Beyonce pipes not req'd, just a general idea of where notes should be and the ability to sing your own part even over other dissonant/harmonizing parts)

-Please LOVE MLP

-Please live in MARYLAND and be able to get to practice (in Columbia) on time every week/biweek/whatever we decide

-Please be at least 11!!

-Please understand that this is a somewhat serious excursion which will REQUIRE PRACTICE. Please understand and be willing to repeat, change, hone, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE our songs! 

I don't want to hear any whining (or whinnying) at practice ;)

-Please be willing to vote on issues which may arise while understanding that I as the creator of the group have final deciding power

-Please be financially able to attend BronyCon


I'd like to have BOYS AND GIRLS of ALL VOICE PARTS, ALL AGES welcome so long as your mom or your dad or SOMEpony can give you a ride to practices!


When you email me, please include as much of this information as possible:

-Your name (first only is fine)

-Your age and sex

-When did you get into MLP? :)

-What is your level of interest in this project on a scale from 1-10?

-How often would you like to have practice? Choose one ~Once a week ~Twice a month ~Once a month

-How reliably will you be able to attend practice on a scale of 1-10? 

-What is your voice part (if you know it)? If you don't, would you describe your voice as high, middle, low, or flexible?

-Are there any songs not on my list that you would like to do? :)

-What special skills could you give to the group (reading music, arranging music ,picking out notes by ear, baking so sweet and tasty cupcakes and bringing them with you to practice etc.)


I'm looking for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 or so, so I hope the level of general interest is higher than I'm worried it might be ^^;; here is a tentative list of songs:


-Winter Wrap Up

-The Best Night Ever

-Smile Song

-Hearts Strong as Horses

-A True True Friend

-The Perfect Stallion

-Helping Twilight Win The Crown (I know, shut up!)


Alright, so, I guess that's it.... let the emails flood in XD


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I've been trying to get an a capella group going in my town. It's hard.  :(


Anyway, I have a wide range and can beatbox...but I live in Oregon and have zero shot at going to BronyCon. Now, if this was at Everfree Northwest, that might be different!  ;)  Anyway, good luck!

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