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Red Talon's Stupidly Hilarious Video Thread

Commander Bubbles

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This is just an idea that popped into my head. I enjoy spamming my friends with the dumbest yet funniest videos I can find, so why not spam the community with said videos? I'll try to put up something on a regular basis, and you can feel free to post a stupidly funny video as well! If it is NSFW, PLEASE let us know in advance, because we don't want anypony fired. Now, first up, is Gene Kelly dancing manically to the Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack!


(I never fail to crack up when it zooms into his face)

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I always imagine "Collective Conciousness" (MG: Excellus) as a musical in my head.


with Lighting Dust fighting a robot alicorn twilight piloted by lyra heartstrings (don't ask)

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