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Ahoy there!


Long time, no see, forum...


Uh, well, I have a simple question. I would first like to say that I have searched this site and have found nothing in the FAQ etc that could already answer my question.


Basically, is there a policy on multiple accounts? Because I cannot delete this account, I wish to leave it be as an old tomb of what once was. I do not wish to be associated with this account any longer. I'm not asking for my account to be deleted, nor do I want my posts to be deleted.


I just want to make a new account :D


I have this weird memory of reading somewhere that multiple accounts could lead to a ban? But I'm not sure if that is or ever was true?


Anyway, I would appreciate it if I can be validated or at least humored :P


P.S I understand that I can edit my profile, even my username, to whatever I want. However, the issue I'm having is I don't want to be associated at all with anything to do that happened in the past with this account. Which means all former posts etc would still be linked to this account and thus people can still see what I used to do/be.


I'm just looking for a fresh start is all :P

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Here - take a gander at this from the FAQ ;)


It pretty much explains what's on your mind, but in summary: you're correct, having more than one account leads to the newer account getting banned, and a penalty landing on the main account. We're quite strict on alternate accounts; they lead to all types of issues/confusion when it comes to organisation. If you're looking to start afresh, I'm afraid that'd be impossible.


If you'd like more info, feel free to PM me. :)

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