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Help me with drawing please ;_;

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That's a joke right? If its not, you should start watching MLP because you should have a better idea on how they look like if you did.


You could also use reference sheets when practicing drawing ponies so that you get better at it.

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If you really want to get better, I'd suggest the following:

  • Ditch digital and stick with the good 'ol paper + pencil combo! It's easier to manipulate this medium, especially if you're inexperienced with drawing and/or you're doing digital goods with a mouse instead of a Wacom tablet. Even with a Wacom tablet, it can be incredibly difficult to control the digital medium in comparison to traditional methods. 
  • Go in with a positive attitude! Learning any skill is difficult and requires a lot of patience with yourself and what you're trying to study. We're our own worst critiques, never ever be hard on yourself when you're trying to learn something new. 
  • Draw from reference and check out some tuts! Until you know how to compose a pony, you need to know what makes a pony. All the reference materials and tutorials you need are a Google search away!
  • Accept your mistakes and move on. Being able to produce a perfect image of your pony is nice, but you only truly learn when you make mistakes. You can't be hard on yourself if your image isn't 100% show accurate, it's incredibly difficult without vectoring or using certain tools to help assist you in this. Making mistakes is a cornerstone of self improvement, don't fear it, embrace it. Take note of what you did wrong and do your best to not make it again in the next image. 


          "What the heck, I thought you were going to help me!" you may be saying, or perchance you feel strongly about what your gut's saying and don't want to listen to any of these not so quick tips. Trust me when I say this, learning a new skill is difficult. You won't see much improvements in your drawings until you put in the time and effort to study not only reference images but your own drawings. You must be willing to change yourself and the method in which you draw. There is no true formula or shortcuts for drawing ponies, cars, people, anything in real life. If there was, everyone would be able to draw hyper realistic illustrations with little to no imperfections. 


          Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best of luck! happytsplz.png?2

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Thank you accelrant, I will take your advice to heart.

Azura: I really was trying... And I did say that the drawing was bad (Thanks for the advice anyway)

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