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Story Ideas?

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Hey everypony,

I'm currently writing a very in depth story regarding my OC, but have begun to tire of the and want to take  break and get the creative juices flowing again.

So I'm looking for ideas. Anything within the land of Equestria past to future that has nothing to do with Equestria Girls (Sorry). There are only two conditions:

- Must be original characters only, I hate writing for the mane six as I feel like I'm not doing them justice. 

- Must be lore friendly. Now I love writing new lore, I just mean no stories about princess molestia (RIP) or flufle puff or sweetie bot or- actually yea, never mind sweetie bots fine, but that's the only non lore friendly exception.

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A bejeweled pony is having a spate of bad luck and a stranger passing through town takes notice. The stranger gets to know the unlucky pony, and over time gains her confidence. The stranger then convinces the unlucky pony that her jewelry is cursed and that the stranger has a way to cleanse them.


The stranger hands the unlucky pony a bag and is instructed to go home, put all her jewelry in it, and return to the stranger's tent. The unlucky pony returns with the bag, the stranger ties the bag well shut and places it in a mysterious-looking ornate chest, closes the lid, locks the chest, and hands the key to the unlucky pony. The unlucky pony is instructed to come back later.


The unlucky pony returns, unlocks the chest, retrieves her bag, and she's instructed by the stranger that for the cleansing to fully complete, that she is not to open the bag for a week.


A week passes, and the unlucky pony opens the bag to find not her jewelry but rocks and scrap metal. The stranger is long gone.


This is one of the many variations of the classic bazhure swindle. A good lesson to learn.

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