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need help with lighting

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I'm still new to SFM myself so my advice is a guess as to what you need to do.


From what I've read from other users on the net, you'll need to decomplile the original map and recompile it in the SFM version of hammer. There's several decompilers you can acquire via the net, search it up. Keep in mind though that if the original map maker didn't put in HDR lighting, then you'll need to add it in yourself within hammer.


Edit: The best tool to use to decompile your map is BSPsource. Keep in mind though that decompiled variants WILL NOT be exact copies of the original source file. What I mean by this is that most entities which had certain fields, triggers or goodies will most likely not be reproduced. For example, a trigger_hurt entity may still be in there, but if it was linked to anything or had any special fields/names then it'll be gone. So if the map has any special qualities to it, you'll have to recreate it.


Maybe send an e-mail to the original creator and ask for a SFM variant?

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