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Most Hated Ponies ?


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I would have to say Prince Blueblood,Diamond Tiara,Silver Spoon,and Snips and Snails.


Though I admit I am not the biggest fan of Rarity..


In season 1 I found her EXTREMELY whiny and annoying..


I will admit in season 2 she really redeemed herself with me.


She grows on you.


I love how dramatic she can be.




Best possible way to explain Rarity: she does indeed grow on you lol.

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Funny thing is, i don't hate you because you hate Dashie, even though its hard to not like her i guess different strokes for different folks. But...






Now my least favorite pony list is as follows lol:



  • Prince Blueblood
  • Queen Chrysalis (good villain...i just don't like here /shrug)
  • DT and SS (great antagonists that really help drive CMC stories, that doesn't mean i have to like them :P

Sorry, I just find her the most annoying out of the 3

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Since we all know the obvious of who is hated the most, I'd like to state my opinions:


I can't say I "hate" any character, though.




These are in no particular order, btw.




Lol, sorry to keep you waiting, here you go:


1.) Diamond Tiara: the show's bully. I really didn't like her after she decided to pick on Scootaloo.. brought me pain. So much pain.

2.) Prince Blueblood: this guy is my opposite; attractive (ok, not to say I'm unattractive!....I think :\) , yet a douchebag. I don't like how Rarity went up to him because he was the most appealing to her, and then just treated her like she was the man in the relationship. SERIOUSLY!! Open the door for her, give her the rose, ... @#$*@(e. 

3.) Angel (borderline): he's a bit hard around Fluttershy, but I forgive him when I remember how sweet and comforting he was to Fluttershy in Hurricane Fluttershy..d'aww!


Ponies I'd like to defend:


1.) Gilda: though I'm not fond of her attitude, we don't know a lot about her. I mostly think she wanted to be with Rainbow Dash and couldn't stand it when Pinkie Pie kept interrupting her visit with Dash. Couldn't you relate with Twilight Sparkle in the last episode how Discord kept disrupting her reunion with Cadence? Gilda is probably a better griffon than we think.

2.) Coco: I agree she's a bit like Fluttershy (which many dislike since many people see her as a flat character that many like simply because she's cute and kind), but well, ... I can't dislike a flat character unless they do something bad/stupid/mean! Besides, she seems lighthearted. She's probably a lot of people's waifu. Unfortunately that's my only defense.


I'm surprised nobody has said Derpy (thankfully).

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