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Rainbow Dash flying and "modern" physics.


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I really like to think about stuff that could be done in real-life too. Like if the Stargate from Stargate would be possible or even the weapons.
And it's the same for MLP:FIM. (a good example is S2 E20, where Twilight Sparkle tried to warn herself in the past but it all came true)
I think about the flying and tricks of Rainbow Dash the most. So let's begin...

First off:

The speed. Just forget about that... it's just impossible to reach with wings... (still awesome :D)


The Sonic Rainboom. If we trust the maths of somepony it should happen at around mach 5 and doubles her speed to about mach 10. But what about the Rainbow forming when it happens... Here is my way of trying to explain: as you see when something is going fast enough it forms a sort of "cloud" because of friction and pressure(you can also see this happening when a nuclear weapon explodes but that happens because of heat). So if she is happening to accelerate at ~5000 km/h in a matter of a second it could be that it creates a sort of "fog" in a ring shaped cloud. this fog could break light up into it's colors... Very unlikely but there is a chance it's possible.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I will eventually continue this list later...  /)

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Well, if we are talking scientific-esque explanations, which we are, I feel the need to chime in.


Remember that magic is very real in Equestria, and therefore must by accounted for. Seeing as it would most likely be impossible for Pegasi to fly at all (especially Bulk Biceps!), magic must be what allows Dash to hit such speeds, and survive them. As for the exact cause of the Sonic Rainboom.... we do not have enough data to form a valid hypothesis. More magic, I would say.

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I think magic could be the cause of how Rainbow Dash was able to reach unspeakable feats when she performed the Sonic Rainboom, or at least she be included when comparing Rainbow Dash's flying to something else in the world of Equestria. I can't exactly make an hypothesis on the Sonic Rainboom, could be either magic or something else.

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Many fics have noted this, by all rights pegesi wings in MLP are too small for them to even fly at all, let alone go supersonic... also cloudwalking... so yeah, magic. XD

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